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VMware vSphere 6 Licensing Changes for VAAI & 3rd Party MPIO Support


Hello all,

Thought i'd quickly pass on some good news that Cormac Hogan blogged today, which was to announce that in vSphere 6 VMware have changed their licensing so that VAAI (Storage API's for for Array Integration) and Third Party MPIO Support will now be officially supported in not just Enterprise/Enterprise Plus but now also STANDARD licensing!

This is fantastic news and something that we've all been secretly asking them to do for quite a while (one of the reasons behind it is because Virtual Volumes - aka VVOLs - are also included in Standard licensing), so this is very welcome news.

What does this mean for Nimble users? All VAAI goodness and Nimble Connection Manager for VMware is now available to implementations with vSphere Standard without having to upgrade to Enterprise or Ent Plus. Whilst neither of these features were actually enforced by licensing in previous versions, it's great to see VMware allowing all customers to benefit from storage array intelligence without the additional $$.

Here's a picture confirming the change (credit to Cormac for this!):


Cormac's original blog post can be found here: VAAI now available with vSphere Standard Edition | CormacHogan.com

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