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AD authentication confusion

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AD authentication confusion

Afternoon all,

I'm trying to configure AD authentication for our HP OnevIew 3.00.05-0271823 environment using Firefox.

When I got into seeing and edit security, click add directory, I can't fint any details on what is best to put in the values:


Base DN


Should directory be the domain name company.network.domain.com for example and should Base DN be the OU=aaa,ou=bbb,DC=domain,DC=com?


Sorry for the noddy question but I have been reading the 3.0 user guide and it jsut makes no sense to me.

Thanks in advance.



Re: AD authentication confusion

This is documented in the Online Help. When you add a new Directory, click the ? icon in the upper right corner. The Directory field is for the name of the authentication directory. Base DN needs to be your Active Directory Distinguished Name value of your Domain, or the starting Distinguished Name of your OpenLDAP directory. So, if you are using Active Directory (which most are) and your domain name is Company.com, the DN value should be dc=company,dc=com.

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Re: AD authentication confusion

Thanks for that.  Now to work out why the certificate isn't valid...