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Adding C7000 Enclsoure as Managed devices

Scott Caryer
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Adding C7000 Enclsoure as Managed devices

I am trying to add an existing C7000 enclosure as a "Managed" device into my Oneview 4.1 appliance. This enclosure has been installed & configured using the VCM and has no blade servers in use within. When I attempt to utilize the "Add enclosure and migrate Virtual Connect domain" option, I get a an error message as seen below:

Errors: A logical interconnect group does not exist for the VCM configuration of interconnect bays 1,2,3and4. VCM has bays 1,2,3and4 configured for stacking links.

RESOLUTION: Create a logical interconnect group to match the VCM configuration of bays 1,2,3and4. Alternatively, reconfigure the VCM to match the existing logical interconnect groups.

When I try the other "Add enclosure for management" option using the force option, I basically get the same error message. I have even tried to create a custom LIG (logical interconnect Group) that matches the enclosure I am trying to bring in. It still fails with the same error condition.

I have already opened a support case (5336859899) yesterday morning. However, I have not heard from the tech since the initial phone call, and no replies from my previous email requests. Any advise forum? Much appreciated....Scott


Re: Adding C7000 Enclsoure as Managed devices


I would suggest you to refer the Transitioning a Virtual Connect configuration to HPE OneView Guide and check for any incompatabalities.

Link : https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/V2/getpdf.aspx/4AA5-0351ENW.pdf



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Re: Adding C7000 Enclsoure as Managed devices

Hello Scott Caryer,

What you actually trying to achieve is to migrate VCM to OneView. This, task requires some planning. Beyond the pdf already shared, please consult the below documentation:

HPE OneView 4.1 - Planning for Enclosure Migration from VCM into HPE OneView

HPE OneView 4.1 User Guide check section "Planning for enclosure migration from VCM into HPE OneView"


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