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Adding additional locations/tech contacts to OneView 3.0

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Adding additional locations/tech contacts to OneView 3.0

Just getting up and running with Oneview 3.0, have all my servers added and reporting in via Oneview


We have 13 servers scattered across various regions, each region has an assigned technical resource. I cannot seem to figure out how to assign each server its own technical resource  contact and resource address for parts/service to be dispatched.

I want to ensure the correct resource is contacted for each specific server, and if Remote Support is enabled, they dispatch the parts/service to the correct location.


I assume this is possible, I must be missing a setting somewhere?





Re: Adding additional locations/tech contacts to OneView 3.0

You will need to add your devices to a Rack, which you then place within a DataCenter.  The DataCenter then has the Remote Support Location and registered contacts defined in it.  To edit that information, you first create the DataCenter, then select Edit Remote Support Settings from the Actions menu when you select the appropriate DataCenter.

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Re: Adding additional locations/tech contacts to OneView 3.0

Hi Chris

Unfortunately this method is only partially successful. I also have some servers which are scattered across countries, and I have already added the datacenters and racks according to the countries.

Under "Settings" -> "Remote Support" -> "Default Data Center Address", I entered the address which is the country location whereby OneView is hosted at. After that, the datacenters addresses are entered according to the countries location. However, when there is a hardware issue, the remote support service event always get routed to the default country HPE GSD CSC Case Management support group, but somehow they will know to get the correct contact person based on the datacenter remote support settings specified. The good thing with the GSD CSC Case Management support group is that they will email the contact person and ask to confirm whether the specified address stated is correct.

I already got this issue escalated to the IRS support team since 9 Feb and it was only recently that they were finally convinced that there is a routing issue. As such, I was being told by the support team that it will be fixed in a future release of OneView, but I checked the release notes just now and there was no mentioning of this issue being fixed.

I will be getting the IRS support team to confirm if the issue has been fixed.