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Adobe Flash End of Life and HPE Products Functionalities


Adobe Flash End of Life and HPE Products Functionalities


Please, I am researching the impact of the lack of Adobe Flash on HPE products in our environment. The products range from Synergy, 3Par storage, Storeonce, etc. We also use Oneview and plugins of these products I mentioned earlier for VMware vCenter and vRealize Operations for monitoring.

Is there any centralised HPE resource that I could access to research the impact of removing flash from our environment will have on managing these products? I will also want to know if the HTML5 based access to these products retains all the functionalities that will be lost after removing Adobe flash.



Re: Adobe Flash End of Live and HPE Products Functionalities

I cannot comment on the other storage products, but HPE OneView, HPE Synergy, HPE OneView Global Dashboard, HPE OneView for VMware vCenter and HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center do not use Adobe Flash.  The HPE OneView for VMware vCenter plugged into the older VMware vCenter Adobe Flash/Flex UI, but that was years ago and they are no longer supported.

HPE BladeSystem Virtual Connect Manager does use Adobe Flash.  However, we released 4.85 which removes the Adobe Flash UI and replaces it with an HTML5 one.  This is documented in the 4.85 Release Notes.

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