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Alert Selection Formatting

David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Alert Selection Formatting

In another post in this forum, I saw a lot of alert/email formatting. I have been searching for this type of information for months.

I have a new install of OneView Standard 3.10.07-0310774. I have a handfull of ProLiant DL380s and 360s added to it.

As stated in other posts, when setting an allert for simply warning and critical, I receive 6 alert emails when a server reboots.

I would like to be able to create an alert something like this:   status:warning status:critical Physical Drive Status Change  

Is there a document anywhere that can help me with creating alerts that are very specific? I am looking to alert on failed hard drives, failed power supplies, etc, but only things like that. When a server reboots, I receive and alert that the network connectivity to iLO has been lost. I don't want to see that hence the request for being very specific with alert definicians.

Thanks all!

- Dave Claussen