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Announcement: HP OneView PowerShell Library Updated


Announcement: HP OneView PowerShell Library Updated

An update to the HP OneView PowerShell library was published today.  It contains a number of enhancements and fixes.  As always, you can download the latest PowerShell Library from https://hponeview.codeplex.com.  Here is the complete change log:


Release 1.03

  • Fixed ImportEnclosure_Sample.ps1 example as it still referenced a deprecated option with the Add-HPOVEnclosure CMDLET, -Force.
  • Fixed New-HPOVLogicalInterconnectGroup examples and DefineLogicalInterconnectGroup_Sample.ps1.
  • Fixed Download-File where the Download URI was being detected incorrectly (Appliance Backup vs Support Dump), and subsequent filename for Appliance Backup.
  • Fixed New-HPOVUser to check the email address value is a valid email address.
  • Updated Wait-HPOVTaskComplete to accept task object (System.Hashtable or System.PsCustomObject) or URI(System.String)
  • Updated Verbose output in cmdlets.
  • Updated default Task Timeout from 2 to 20 minutes. This is to avoid errors when certain tasks will take longer than 2 minutes, and the caller doesn't specify a longer time (i.e. Applying a Server Profile).
  • Added internal verify-auth helper cmdlet to assist with verifying authentication to appliance prior to executing cmdlet. To use, add in the beginning of your cmdlet/function in a Begin {} code block, then include a Process {} code block for your cmdlet.
  • Added new Multi-Connection Server Profile sample, servermulticonnectionsample.ps1.
  • Added new Copy-HPOVProfile CMDLET, and updated online documentation.

Release 1.02 

  •  Updated New-HPOVUplinkSet to support HashTable uplink value
  • Updated all Help comment blocks to include Online URLs.  The library now supports "get-help  [verb]-HPOV[noun] -online", and directs to a dedicated Help WiKi page on http://hponeview.codeplex.com
  • Added Directory Support for LDAP and Active Directory.  New cmdlets added: Get-HPOVLDAP, New-HOPVLdap,     Remove-HPOVLdap, Show-HPOVLdapGroups, Get-HPOVLdapGroup, New-HPOVLdapGroup, Remove-HPOVLdapGroup
  • Added Install-HPOVUpdate cmdlet to provide a method for staging and applying appliance update.
  • Fixed Send-HPOVRequest to consistently return a Task object for all asynchronous APIs.  The URI of the Task will no longer be returned as a String value. It will instead return a PSCustomObject, with URI as a Key Name and the Task URI as the value.
  • Fixed Set-HPOVNetwork that had a typo for Write-Verbose output, even though the network would be modified.
  • Fixed New-HPOVBackup where the Host was being prepended inadvertantly.

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