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BMC Patrol Integration

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BMC Patrol Integration

I have a customer that has a growing estate of DLgen8s (1100+)  and has no monitoring, reporting or FW update strategy  in place so we are proposing OneView for this. They would also like to continue to use BMC Patrol for monitoring. I believe we could use BMC to connect to the OneView SCMB using certificate-based authentication and set up a queue for BMC to receive messages. Do we have any whitepapers that might describe this in more detail?



Re: BMC Patrol Integration

Hello, and welcome to the HP OneView Community.


Unfortunately, we do not have a whitepaper specific to BMC Patrol integration.  We do have some generic examples on how to use the HP OneView SCMB in our HP OneView 1.10 User Guide starting on Page 215.

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