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C7000 Enclosure with BL460c Gen7 Servers

Scott Caryer

C7000 Enclosure with BL460c Gen7 Servers

I am currently "Monitoring" a C7000 Enclosure (Gen2) that is nearly populated with BL460c Gen7 servers in my Oneview appliance (4.1.x). Since these Gen7 blades are using the iLo3, I understand the servers themselves can not be managed within Oneview. However, I would still like to add this enclosure to OneView as a "Managed" enclosure. Is it possible to add the C7000 enclosure as a "Managed" enclosure and keep the blade servers as "Monitored"? I would like to utilize the few empty slots for new Gen10 within Oneview as "Managed" servers.

Thanks in advance...Scott


Re: C7000 Enclosure with BL460c Gen7 Servers


During the Enclosure Import process, HPE OneView will automatically configure SNMP, NTP and the HPE SIM Single-Sign-On Certificate with the HPE OneView appliance IP Address and public SSL Certificate. The Enclosure Import process will also discover any device in the enclosure’s Device Bays, and attempt to configure the supported iLO ’s for management (SNMP, NTP, HPE SIM SSO Certificate, create a special user account _HPOneViewAdmin) and license the iLO ‘s and servers based on the License Intent setting in the Add Enclosure screen.

For more information refer HPE OneView Deployment and Management Guide 


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Re: C7000 Enclosure with BL460c Gen7 Servers

The answer is it depends.  Does your enclosure contain Virtual Connect?  And if so, are they listed in the Support Matrix?  If so, the answer would be no.  c-Class servers inherit their state from the enclosure.  So, if supported VC modules are presented, then the only way for your G7's to get connectivity is with a server profile.  Which you can assign from OneView.  They just need a OneView Advanced license.

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