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C7000 Migration into OneView

Eugen Rodekuhr
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C7000 Migration into OneView


I am searching for the best option for the migration of the C7000s into OneView (3.10.07-0310774)?


  1. Migrate them as they are – OA 4.70 and VC 4.50 or
  2. Update the OA to 4.80 and the VC to 4.62 before migrating them
  3. Install an additional Oneview 4.0 appliance and migrate them with OA 4.80 and Vc 4.62 firmware

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Re: C7000 Migration into OneView

The OA and VC updates address security issues, so unless you need them prior to migration, you can install them prior to migration.

As for which version of HPE OneView, 3.10 or 4.00, that will depend on the features are important to you.  4.00 was mainly a security release, adding certificate management and Scope Based Access Control as two major features.  We also added Re-apply Server Profile, Remote Support and Virtual Connect enhancements for HPE Synergy.

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