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Re: Can't add directory

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Can't add directory

We're using oneview 4 and everytime adding a Directory, we get this error:

"Invalid username or password. Enter correct credentials and try again..."

The other log shows as:

"Failed to add directory.

Issue Invalid data, missing data or both in Enterprise directory object. Validation of enterprise directory failed with invalid or missing data.

Resolution Correct the errors and try again.

I know I'm putting in the right user account and password. Can someone help? 


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Re: Can't add directory

I tried using my display name for login name and I get this error now:

Server certificate presented by directory is invalid.


Re: Can't add directory

Sorry you are experiencing trouble configuring external LDAP/Active Directory authentication.  We support user names in Distinguished Name, Cononical Name, Display Name, Universal Princle Name (UPN), and NTSamAccountName formats.  With the last two supported with Active Directory only.

Can you please tell me if you are adding all of your Domain Controllers or Global Catelog servers to the new directory?  Or are you trying to use the FQDN of the directory for SRV record lookup?  If SRV, you will need to make sure you have the entire Certificate Authority chain certificates added to the appliance trust store.  That means, Root and Subordinate certificate authorities in the cert chain.  And specifically the X.509 Base64 public value of their certificates.

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