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Can't cleanly remove Server Hardware from OneView

Luke Hsieh
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Can't cleanly remove Server Hardware from OneView

Getting basic stuff out of the way...

  • OV Version: 2.00.02-0219211
  • Browser: IE/Chrome/Firefox
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I have 1 Server Hardware entry that remains in a funky unknown state.  When I look at the Dashboard, I see a single gray  entry in the pie chart as 'Other', but it lists number zero for the unknown entries.  When I click into the gray entry in the pie chart, it brings me to a filtered list of Status:Unknown servers, and I can click on that entry.  When I try Actions > Remove, I get 'The server hardware you requested to remove does not exist.  It is possible that another user has deleted this server hardare.' without any options to force remove it.

I've tried bouncing OneView to see if it clears up after a restart, but it's still there after a restart.  I've tried to use RESTAPI to see if I can delete it but it doesn't seem to return any Server Hardware as Unknown.

Anyone has any suggestions?


Re: Can't cleanly remove Server Hardware from OneView

This is likely an appliance Index issue.  Please contact the HPE Support Center to open a support.  You will need the case elevated to L2 in order to fix this issue.

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