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Can't create server profile

I'm trying to add a profile to some of my DL380 Gen 8's and Oneview will reboot the server into intelligent provisioning but after about 8 minutes it will fail with the following error "An unexpected problem occurred while mounting iLO virtual media. Intelligent Provisioning failed to mount the iLO virtual media"


For some reason it is unable to mount the firmware ISO during the profile setup. I'm assuming it's some kind of network issue trying to mount the ISO but I'm not sure if there are any logs that I could be looking at. I can manually mount the SPP iso through ILO and install it but when oneview tries to it fails.


The version of oneview I'm running is 1.20.05-0201918, Jun 2, 2015. I'm trying to use the 2015-04-0 SPP and the DL380 is running Intelligent provisioning 1.62.


I feel like if I knew the path that oneview is trying to use to mount the ISO I could troubleshoot it.


Re: Can't create server profile

Hello k3rnelpanic, and welcome to the HP OneView Community Forums.


OneView uses the iLO Vitual Media port (by default it is 17988/tcp) in order to mount the selected Baseline within the Server Profile.  Two things to check:


  1. Make sure if there is a firewall between the appliance and the iLO, you have included the port referenced above.  All required OneView ports are documented in the HP OneView User Guide (can be found on the Enterprise Information Library) or the online help (click the ? icon in the UI) for the specific release you have deployed.
  2. Check to make sure you don't have a duplex mismatch issue if the iLO is connected to a FastEthernet switch.  That has been known to cause latency issues preventing the ISO to be mounted correctly, and thus the Server Profile to fail during the Applying stage.


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Re: Can't create server profile

No Luck here also. Anyone solved this yet..