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Can't refresh server after iLO address change

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Can't refresh server after iLO address change

I've got 5 servers where I've had to move the iLO nics to a new management lan, so the IPs have changed. In the past I've been able to tell oneview about this by forcing a refresh twice, and the 2nd time it lets me put in the IP address (and credentials) again. Now I enter the new IP and credentials, and 10 seconds later it always fails with "Unable to establish trusted communication with the server. OneView could not retrieve the certificate from the server iLO because the iLO was not reachable."

If I try and use "Add server hardware" with the new IP it correctly identifies the server as already being managed by oneview, so clearly the appliance can get to the iLO, but the refresh doesn't seem to be actually forcing it to talk to the new IP. (I've also got other working servers on that management lan, and I can ping the oneview server from the iLO).

Servers are DL360 Gen10 with iLO5 1.15, appliance was 4.00.05 but I upgraded it to this morning in the hope it would fix it.

I don't want to just delete and re-add the servers as I would have to remove and reapply the profile, which would involve taking down the machine.

Any clues?


Re: Can't refresh server after iLO address change

Can you provide an FQDN instead?  There is a bug with non-BL servers where we can't properly update the IPv4 address internally if the iLO were to be changed to a new address.  If you add the server hardware with an FQDN, where the A Record was updated with the new IPv4 address, then that will succeed.

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Re: Can't refresh server after iLO address change

I am having the very same issue.  Even using the FQDN does not seem to do the trick.

DNS , both forward and reverse, reflects the correct name and IPs

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Any help would be greatly appreciated.