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Can you add a mPDU into Oneview?

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Can you add a mPDU into Oneview?

Hello all,


wondered if anyone had ever attempted to add an mPDU into Hp Oneview before??


I know that iPDU will work as theres an option for this when adding a power delivery device in using IP or host name with user name and password.


The mPDU is very similar to and iPDU as it has IPv4 and user name and password with a web interface.

Oneview is on the lastest version and the mPDU firmware is also on the latest version.


When attempting to add into OV it complains of an input/output error and check the web interface is up.


I can ping the mPDU and logon to the web inferface and its got SNMP 1and 3 enabled through port 161 and 162 as deault.


Any ideas greatfully received.


I know how limited Oneview can be in certain areas and this may be one of those areas that they have not got to yet?


The main difference i beleive between the mPDU and the iPDU is monitoring and managing.  for example you could idividually turn off power sockets on an iPDU and not an mPDU also thought "m" stood for monitor?


please correct me if im wrong


Kind regards.




Re: Can you add a mPDU into Oneview?

Hello Hamondo722, and welcome to the HP OneView Community Forums.


HP OneView only supports adding Intellignet PDU's (iPDU).  It currently does not support adding mPDU's for management in the Power Devices section.  You can add it as an unmanaged device for topology information, which you would have to build the power connections manually.

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Re: Can you add a mPDU into Oneview?

Hi Chris,


Thanks for confirming this, much appreciated. 





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Re: Can you add a mPDU into Oneview?

Does mPDU support outlet management by SNMP at all? I can not find any OID, which could be responsible for setting ON/OFF.