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Cannot add hypervisor manager to Oneview

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Cannot add hypervisor manager to Oneview

I get this error when attempting to add vcenter to Oneview:-

Certificate seems fine on vcenter, is this a Oneview certificate issue or what? I tried adding a cert with a full chain to Oneview, and it did not accept anything other than a single machine cert only. This is the only thing on our network which seems to have an issue with the vcenter certificate, which is installed as a .pem with its full chain.



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Re: Cannot add hypervisor manager to Oneview

For anyone else who has this issue, the solution is to only have ONE intermediate certificate server in your cert chain on the vcenter server.



Re: Cannot add hypervisor manager to Oneview

Hi @T_1_6 
Thank you for sharing the workaround you found.
We do support external servers such as AD server, vCenter with a multi-level CA signed certificate chain.i.e. servers setup with a Root CA + intermediate CA + leaf level CA signed certificate for the server.
The error seems to indicate "invalid input chain". 
Would be very helpful for us to look at this and understand what is special with this chain.
Would it be possible for you to raise a support case with the CA certificate chain PEM file (and a support dump so we can see the actual error in the cidebug.log file)?


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