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Cannot clear old critical error in Server Profiles tab


Cannot clear old critical error in Server Profiles tab

Requesting some assistance - Using OneView 2.0 - Dashboard shows twelve critical out of 48 blades in the "Server Profiles" windowpane. Choose any of the twelve and receive the following error:

"Connections error

An error has occurred in connection X on [Enclosure Name], interconnect # (WWPN=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) .

Resolution Examine the interconnect activity page for a possible problem and follow the recommended resolution to resolve the problem, or contact your network administrator to resolve the problem."

Upon checking the connections - all status is 'green' and all other blades using the connection have no issues. Interconnect shows no errors.

I have rebooted the blade, reset the ILO, followed the steps in another post to reset via putty - all to no avail. I also cannot find any area to acknowledge the error and clear it as others (during setup) were cleared.

Have not reapplied the profile as I don't want to wipe out the config on the blade.

There are three fully populated chassis. First has no errors. Second has the connection errors, all on same interconnect - but only 6 of the 16 blades. Third has the same as the second chassis - six blades erroring - all on same interconnect but remaining 10 blades have no errors. Interconnect showing errors on second chassis is different from those on third chassis

OneView is communicating with the infrastructure, the chassis, the blades. Loaded on a DL560 - 4 CPUs, 128gb RAM, ESXi, RAID-5 with plenty of space - all up to current firmware. Browsers are IE and Chrome.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Re: Cannot clear old critical error in Server Profiles tab

Hello @Chris_L1, and welcome to the HPE OneView Communities forum.

If you have checked the Interconnect the error is reporting, and both Downlinks and Uplinks are 'Connected/Active', then you can check the SAN Manager and the Storage System.  If neither are showing a Warning or Critical status, I would suggest you open an HPE Support Case.

Please know that the forums here are not moderated or monitored by any HPE Support representatives and is provided for the community to discss HPE OneView.  Which means thisforum is is not an avenue for product support.

I am an HPE employee

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Re: Cannot clear old critical error in Server Profiles tab

SAN manager and the storage system are both in perfect health.  I have opened a support case with HP.  In the meantime - I have two questions:

1)  IF I reapply the template (removing the portion relating to array management) will the new template wipe out the WWPNs that the SAN uses to communicate (resulting in our SAN admin doing the same work again)?

2)  Also - is there a command-line or PowerShell script that clears errors from the Server Profiles? (The current Putty one of resetting the MAPI didn't do the trick).


Re: Cannot clear old critical error in Server Profiles tab

Solution found - Powered down one blade in chassis giving issue.  About 3-4 minutes later, error cleared on all blades in chassis.  Fired up blade and all is good.  

Issue I still have is why is the powering down of one blade clearing the errors on this blade and the other five that are still powered on?

Also - is there a powershell script that can be run to clear this error?  I will not be able to randomly shut down blades during production.