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Certificate Error connecting SCOM to Oneview

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Certificate Error connecting SCOM to Oneview

Currently attempting to connect our SCOM instance to OneView, with SCOM returning the error "Unable to add appliance - Error Code : 118.  Certificate import is failed."  When I check the error logs after running this on either of our management servers I see this error under the HP OneView Management application log: "HTTP request error.
Get Rest call to HPE OneView Appliance:<appliance name or IP address> fails. Error Code:NotFound"

We're currently using OneView 4.10.01-0348545, SCOM 1806, and OneView SCOM Integration kit 4.1.1.  The management servers have had TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled, and the OneView appliance itself is in FIPS mode with a PKI internal certificate on it.

If I need to open a support case please let me know!


Re: Certificate Error connecting SCOM to Oneview

Hi Justin, 

You will need to proceed with logging a new case. 

Link : https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/home



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Lawrance Lee_1
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Re: Certificate Error connecting SCOM to Oneview

Hi Justin,

Did you ever get to the bottom of your issue?  I would be interested to know what the fix is, as I'm experiencing a similar issue.

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Re: Certificate Error connecting SCOM to Oneview

This issue can happen due to user permission on local server while importing the certificate to trusted store. To resolve this, Please follow below procedure

  • Close Operation Console if already opened.
  • Reopen Operation console with "Run As Administrator"
  • Now try to add the appliance. 
  • You should be receiving a notification to import the certificate. Press Yes button to continue.
  • Now wait for few sec and appliance will get added.

Let us know if the issue is resolved else please raise a support case.


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