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Change DNS entries on Virtual Connects

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Change DNS entries on Virtual Connects

OneView manages our 2 CS700 enclosures and as well the Virtual Connects. Recently we've changed our internal DNS on our Active Directory servers and I wanted to change the DNS on the VC's as well as the enclsioures have been updated. But as you already know the VC's just redirect the logon to the OneView appliance. I should say that the OneView is in a totally different Vlan and its DNS entries are ok. Should I not worry about this or can someone suggest a way to update the DNS entries on the virtual connect interfaces?


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Re: Change DNS entries on Virtual Connects

There is no way to set the DNS hostname value for HPE Virtual Connect within HPE OneView like you could with Virtual Connect Manager.  So, since you changed your DNS infrastructure, there is nothing to do with the Virtual Connect modules.  They do not use DNS themselves, except for SNMP trap forwarding, which they should get their DNS server settings from either DHCP or c-Class Enclosure Bay IP Addressing (EBIPA).

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