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Changing Networks in NetSet

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Changing Networks in NetSet



if i change the Networks label in a Net Set wil this be disruptive voor connectionsto and from Blades?


grtz Peter



Re: Changing Networks in NetSet

I'm not sure I completely understand your question.


Labels within HP OneView is a metadata resource and has no impact on the operational status of a resource a Label is assigned to.


If you are asking can you modify the Name of an Ethernet Network that is a member of a Network Set or Server Profile Connection without causing downtime, the answer is yes.  Name is a property to the resource, and similar to a Label, has no impact of the operational status of a Network resource.

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Re: Changing Networks in NetSet

Good Morning!


Ok clear labels can be changed for all OneView Configuration compnents. But... if i change the networks in a NetSet is that disruptif? Deeper question is what can i change on line en what can't be changed without disruption.


For Example, storage, servers, Rack, netwerkswitches, etc etc.


Thank you!