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Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage


Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

OneView Version 4.10.03

We use a combination of factory-embedded (E5Y35AAE) and "classic" HP OV Upgrade (E5Y45AAE) licenses.

Most of the hardware is bought as refurbished.

The amount of licenses shown within OneView doesn't seem to match the number of licenses that should be present based on the combination of factory-embedded and "classic" licenses.

Is there any way to check whether a server (blade / rack-mount) is licensed with a factory embedded license?

I'm not at all convinced that the licenses were really embedded during the refurbishing process.


Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

Hi Daniel, 

Please refer to the below links for lincensing informaiton. 



As you are having problems with the licenses, I would suggest you to log a support case with HPE as we need to verify the oneview support dump for the same. 

Thank you. 

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Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

Hello Kashyap,

thanks for your reply to this.

Unfortunately this doesn't cover my question.

I would need to report the amount of servers that are licensed through their embedded license.

Will open a support case, but given my prior experience with OneView support don't expect to get a valid answer there.

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Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

I share similar concern (find if license origin if from embedded, or existing license pool). My findings so far are:

 When server hardware is added or refreshed, the OV activity detail includes:


License server hardware for "HPE OneView Advanced".
Embedded "HPE OneView Advanced" license detected.


Unfortunately, I found no programmatic way to find this. And powershell 'get-hpovlicense' doesnt provides such information

Hope this helps




Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

Opened a case with HPE support to get more details about this.

Unfortunately I didn't get any feedback at all after supplying the support dump.

There still seems to be a very limited amount of support staff skilled enough to troubleshoot the more uncommon OneView issues.


Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

Hello Daniel-L,

Based on your description your issue seems to be similar with advisory Failed to Apply the Embedded License to the Server (a00036908en_us). An HPE support either will provide you instructions or will ask you to schedule a remote session in order to perform the fix. That would be a powershell script that will repair the embedded licenses. You will need to have a Windows OS x64 platform which is able to access your servers. Furthermore, you will need to have .NET version 4.5+ and PowerShell Version 4.0+

Also, have a look at cmdlet "Get-HPOVLicense" (POSH-HPOneView wiki) in order to check the licenses installed on the appliance.

Finally, please send another reminder to HPE support and an agent will contact you the soonest possible


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Re: Check HPE OneView factory-embedded license usage

Hello m_icha,

thanks for your hints.

Using Get-HPOVLicense | Where-Object {$_.Capacity -eq 1} | measure seems to be a starting point to get the servers using their embedded licenses.

HPE support is reminded every secons day - without any feedback until now.