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Cisco NX 5020 support in managed mode

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Cisco NX 5020 support in managed mode


I have looked through the support matrix from 1.x, 2.x, 3.x . None of them list 5020. They all specificlaly say 5548 and 5596. 5672,56128P and the supported NX OS versions corresponding to these models.

1) Since you mentioned 5020 is supported during our chat, would the support notes be updated eventually to reflect 5020 . I want to make sure when we call for support, the TSE does not turn us down because of this missing support note.

2) What NXOS code version is supported by OV on 5020 ?

3) is managed mode supported on 5020



Martin F


Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Cisco NX 5020 support in managed mode


  1. Yes the Cisco Nexus 5020 switches are supported.  They were removed from our Support Matrix by mistake.  We are working to fix that in our next round of documentation updates. 
  2. I will have to look into that.
  3. Yes, they are supported as either Monitored or Managed Logical Switches.

Re: Cisco NX 5020 support in managed mode

thank you.