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Composer OneView alert email -significant delays?

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Composer OneView alert email -significant delays?

A master VirtualConnect issue last night generated a large number of alert emails to the targets shown in my Alert Email filters in Composer Oneview 4.10.01 Settings.  The event started at 12:45AM and all alerts (except the Generic Trap messages which never auto-clear) were marked Cleared by 1:07 AM.  I first started receiveing email alerts at 1:01 AM for the events listed in Activity view that occurred at 12:45 AM, a delay of about 16 minutes.  These emails continued throughout the night and into today until some time after noon, a delay of nearly 12 hours from the conclustion of the event.

At first I assumed there was some bottleneck or throttling in my email delivery pipeline, but after running the headers of the last-arriving alert emails through Microsoft's Message Analyzer I see that they were not even submitted by my Composer to my mail gateway until after noon today and delivered to my inbox less than 2 minutes later.  So it would appear that the delay is in the Composer generating the alert email notifications, not a delay in the delivery pipeline.  Has anyone experienced similar?  Why would Composer fail to generate an alert email about a critical event until nearly 12 hours after that event had occurred?  Is there some sort of throttling inherent in the Composer Notification alerting process?


Re: Composer OneView alert email -significant delays?

Hi Patrick,

This doesn't seems to be normal. May be the Composer couldn't reach SMTP server for a while due to some reason.

I suggest you to log a support case and provide support dump to HPE Solution center for checking.

Thank you.


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