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Configure HPE OneView Alerts for SysAdmins Only

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Configure HPE OneView Alerts for SysAdmins Only

I just received an email alert from OneView (v4.20.01.01-0385523) regarding the system not being backed up for 50 hours.  No big deal regarding the alert but it went out to all the email addresses configured for all the Scopes.  Is there a way to limit these type of system alerts to one specfic Group, like the Server Team?

I assume this would be done by creating a new alert email filter but what would the criteria be?

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Re: Configure HPE OneView Alerts for SysAdmins Only

Hi ,


Please try the below :


From the main menu, select Settings.
Do one of the following:
In the Notifications panel, click ..
Click Notifications, and then select Actions > Edit.
Locate the entry you want to edit in the Filters list and click the corresponding icon. icon.
Change the appropriate data in the Edit Alert Email Filter screen:
Enter the filter name.
Choose the Enabled menu item to enable this filter.
Do one of the following:

For a simple filter query that does not involve a scope, select Pre-defined and choose one of the available options.

For a complex filter query (one that specifies one or more alert statuses, alert states, associated resource categories, or a combination of them) that does not involve a scope, select Guided and choose one or more of the available options.

For a filter query that involves a scope:

Select Advanced.

For each of the resource categories assigned to the scope, enter the corresponding associatedresourcecategory.

If you do not designate associated resource categories for a scope, alerts for resources in categories that do not allow scope assignments will not be filtered out. Do not rely on this behavior to capture those alerts.

Momentarily choose the Guided Alert criteria, select the Associated resource criteria entries you need, and then return to the Advanced alert criteria.

Edit the filter query as needed. For information, see Search resources.

Select one or more scope names in the Resource scope field.

Select Match any or Match all, as needed.
Enter the email addresses for the person or group that should be notified when an alert is generated.
Click OK.

The Filters list displays your edited entry.
Verify your changes, and click OK to apply them.




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Re: Configure HPE OneView Alerts for SysAdmins Only

Thanks Ronnie, I appreciate your effort.  Unfortunately I think I worded my request incorrectly.  Your answer is accurate but not what I was looking for.

Specifically, I get an alert from OneView when a backup is missed.  Unfortunately, all IT staff in our Enterprise receive the same alert when only a handful of the Data Center Server Admins actually know what the alert is for.  I'm looking to limit alerts that apply to the OneView Appliance, like backups, to just the Data Center Team.

I followed along with your suggestion and selected "associatedresourcecategory:backups" but the OneView Appliance isn't a monitored device so it doesn't exist in any Scopes.  We'll see how this attempt works but if you have any further suggestions for how to direct OneView Appliance specific alerts to my team, that would be great.

Thanks again,