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Contacting OneViews database??

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Contacting OneViews database??



Is it possible to extract data from OneView database to populate, let´s say, a customers CMD?

Is it planned to deliver some SDK for OneView?


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Re: Contacting OneViews database??

HP OneView is a different management solution than legacy products like HP Insight Manager or Insight Control.  HP SIM/IC do not offer API's, so the only other way to extract managed resource data was to provide the database schema.  Plus, the customer or end user must manage the database. 


As HP OneView is an appliance, HP owns and manages the internal database.  In order to retrieve data from managed resources, HP OneView provides a REST API.  HP has no plans to offer direct access to the database. 


I would encourage you to do one or more of the following:


All product documentation can be viewed at http://hp.com/go/oneview/docs, or the on appliance help by clicking the Question Mark in the upper right corner of the UI.

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