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Data Center Funtions with Multiple OneView Appliances

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Data Center Funtions with Multiple OneView Appliances


The question I have is around the data center functionality when you have multiple OneView appliances and how you can bring that view together as that does not seem to be an option in the global dashboard? this would be similar functionality that was in HPSIM, where you just have a collection of data centers that would expand out to show the racks in each data center.

We have 2 sites with one data center in each site. We have 2 Synergy frames, one in each site. So that seems easy enough, each Synergy OneView appliance has the data center information. However, since OneView for Synergy cannot manage or monitor systems outside of Synergy, we have to have a 3rd OneView instance for the other BL/DL/ML systems. Now you will end up with the same data center in multiple OneViews and from what I've seen with Global Dashboard, it does not do anything with Data Centers.

How do you bring all this information into "OneView" or is it not possible yet?

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Re: Data Center Funtions with Multiple OneView Appliances

Unfortunately, HPE OneView Global Dashboard does not understand or visualize OneView Data Centers.

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