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Re: Disk Status in OneView

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Disk Status in OneView

I am new to OneView and we are trying to have a tool that can give us basic hardware monitoring of HP DL series servers G8 and up.  Most importantly monitoring disk status -degraded raid and such.

We installed the latest version of Oneview appliance in vmware and then added in 3 server.  2 of which are DL 160 and 380 G9 servers.  We upgraded the ILO to the latest firmware version but for the life of me I can't find where you see the status of the harddrives in Oneview?  Do we need the OneView Advanced license to see hard drive/raid status??

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Re: Disk Status in OneView

I have the exact same issue. We've added in 8 HP servers all G9 and G10, all the firmware is up to date. Two of the servers are in remote sites so they do have the ilo Advanced license applied (so we can use remote console). The two servers with Adv do show some extra info regarding the drives and disk array controller, but it's just the firmware levels. I can't find Disk Health or Array health anywhere, it's very frustrating and effectively renders the whole dashboard useless for me. This is a shame as the OneView interface seems much better than the old HP SIM, but that is still the one go to as it reports Disk Array problems.

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Re: Disk Status in OneView

This is new functionality in version OneView 4.20.01 and is only supported on Gen10, see the last bullet point. I did some quick testing and it does seem to report on failed array.


What's new with HPE OneView 4.2


  • Transform more platforms into software-defined solutions including support for HPE Nimble storage systems, and HPE Composable Cloud

  • Configure the iLO directly from HPE OneView

  • Support for IPv6 only addresses on HPE OneView appliances and HPE OneView managed HPE ProLiant DL servers

  • New memory, NIC, HBA and Smart Array storage inventory data for HPE ProLiant Gen 10 servers