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Error 101

Good afternoon.
I have an HP Proliant G8 server, I updated it to the latest version.
I also have SCOM 2012 R2 for which I have installed OneView of the latest version. I issued a certificate for ilo and the system accepted it, I have full access to ilo under the administrator.
When I try to add a server to SCOM, I'm constantly getting error 101.
I tried to specify the account in different ways:
. \Administrator

tell me what I'm doing wrong, maybe version 4 does not support HP Proliant G8?
In OnveView Configuration Dashboad, I must enter
ip address - ilo ip address?
DNS - DNS name ilo?
user name - Administrator ilo?

The server does not have the operating system installed, should I install something else to add it to the SCOM?

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Re: Error 101

I solved my problem, OneView was in another VLAN and SCOM did not see it

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Re: Error 101

The scom and oneview must be in the same vlan ?


Re: Error 101

No.  But the SCOM server where the plugin is installed needs to communicate to your HPE OneView appliances.  So routing, L3 gateways and firewall rules are important.  Of course, putting the SCOM server on the same VLAN/L3 subnet as your HPE OneView appliance does help.

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