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Re: Error Importing Certificate (HP OneView 2.0)

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Error Importing Certificate (HP OneView 2.0)


I've recently installed oneview for POC, I'm trying to setup active directory, but get the followiing error when trying to retrieve certificate from AD

"Unable to validate a certificate" Please check the environment supports the crytographic functions"

I also tried creating a CR which works fine I can subit to my CA and get a valid web server .cer file from the issuing CA. my problem comes in trying to import the certificate.

"Unable to import signed certificate. The x.509 certificate is not vailid"

In the help file it says to copy the certificate text into the box provided, and this is where i'm stumped, I've opened the certificate from the CA and copied and pasted the public key code but still get the same error "unable to import"

Can someone maybe point me in the right direction to get my certificate isntalled and AD directory services connected


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*More Info:

Hyper-V VM appliance

Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V Cluster






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Re: Error Importing Certificate (HP OneView 2.0)


You should follow my step-by-step guide.

Read it here: https://hendric.us/connect-hp-oneview-with-active-directory-step-by-step/

Hope it helps you with your poc.

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