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Error while adding OneView appliance to SCOM

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Error while adding OneView appliance to SCOM

Hello together,

we want to use HP Oneview to monitor our HP environemt in SCOM 2012 R2. I setup the HP SCOM Integration kit and imported the Management Packs. When i want to use the OneView Configuration Dashboard to add an appliance there are two errors i recieve. If I use the IP Adress, User Name and Password i get an error 109, connection timeout. Using the DNS Name, User Name and Passwort i receive error 101, verify IP Adress/DNS Name or credentials (credentials checked, was ok).

Any suggestions what the error is caused from?


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Re: Error while adding OneView appliance to SCOM


Had a similar problem last year. Of course, you have to make sure you configured the domain (and DCs) on the appliance in the security settings (it has to be the same FQDN as your AD domain). And make sure you added the group where the SCOM user is located (add Group and browse through AD OUs). In the configuration dashboard in SCOM, either IP or DNS name should work, but you have to specify the domain before the user (ex: contoso.com\scomadmin), no "short names'.

Maybe you already tried that, if not, I hope it helps.

Best regards.