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Export/Import backup from HP OneView 1.20.08 to 2.00.02

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Occasional Contributor

Export/Import backup from HP OneView 1.20.08 to 2.00.02


I have a productive instance of HP OneView 1.20.08 that monitors more than 300 servers..

I 've prepared a new instance of HP OneView 2.00.02 and I want to switch from 1.20.08 to 2.00.02.

The problem is that I can not export/import all the servers using backup method.

I've tried to do it and I receive an error message that tells me the backup from 1.20.08 is an invalid backup format for 2.00.02.

Is there a solution in this case?

Thanks in advance,


Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Export/Import backup from HP OneView 1.20.08 to 2.00.02

Restoring an appliance backup is only supported to the same Major.Minor version.  You cannot use the backup as a means to 'upgrade' to a newer appliance.  We fully support upgrading appliances from an older to newer version.  Is there a reason why you are trying to upgrade via this method?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Export/Import backup from HP OneView 1.20.08 to 2.00.02

Hi Chris,

I have an aplliance with 1.20.08 version which is productive and another one 2.00.02 which is for test purpose.

On the productive one I monitor more than 300 servers, so for me was vital to move/migrate the servers.

But the problem is solved now. I've updated 1.20.008 to 2.00.07 using .bin file downloaded from HPE Software Depot.

Initially were some problems and I thought I couldn't do it because of errors related to "Upgrade failed.. ", "Unexpected errors..." "Server was rebooted..." messages.

The initial hardware configuration of productive appliance was 4CPUs and 10GB RAM.

I've increased to 16GB RAM and 6 CPUs and upgraded was done.

So, good to know that HP OneView needs a robust hardware configuration, especially when upgrading...