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Firewall rules for OneView Remote Support

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Firewall rules for OneView Remote Support

I have a HPE OneView VM - VMware vSphere appliance version which I built recently.   I am attempting to set up Remote Support for the first time.

The documentation says that communication will occur to api.support.hpe.com via HTTPS.  Our security team configured a firewall policy to allow this.  However, they report that the firewall is seeing connection attempts to sa-curiosity-pro.glb.itcs.hpe.com which are being blocked as it doesn't match api.support.hpe.com.

Does anyone know why connection attempts are being made to this other URL?   Is there a more updated list of URLs which OneView remote support requires for operation?


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Re: Firewall rules for OneView Remote Support


 api.support.hpe.com is the correct URL that we talk to. This URL points to different load balancers which is why you are seeing the response that you are. For most people opening access to api.support.hpe.com is sufficient, but it looks like your firewall restrictions may be more complex, I would suggest opening access to the URL you noted below as well. It is a valid LB name behind api.support.hpe.com


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Re: Firewall rules for OneView Remote Support

The answer to your question is documented in the Online Help (Firewall Rules also explained here),  and HPE OneView Remote Support FAQ

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