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Force remove

I have the "free" version of HPE OneView, of which we have 12 C7000's added. Recently one of the enclosures starting showing the message "A connection to the monitored enclosure could not be made".   (there is no network issues here because i can logon to the OA perfectly fine).    I have failed over the OA's backwards and forwards and this hasnt fixed the issue.

I have updated OneView to 6.6 which also hasnt fixed the other.  I have wondered whether trying to remove and re-add may fix the issue, but the option to "force remove" doesnt seem to be available.  

Any suggestions? 


Re: Force remove



Please do follow the below steps.


Below are the steps to Remove the enclosure from OneView appliance.

  1. Remove all defined server profiles in HPE OneView to not duplicate virtual MAC/WWN addresses or serial numbers.
  2. Remove the enclosure from the HPE OneView management appliance.
  3. If you get any error while removing enclosure, you need to “force” remove the enclosure.  If any server profiles are assigned, they too will need to be deleted, with the Force option checked.

During the enclosure removal, the primary VC module will reset to factory defaults.




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Re: Force remove


this is exactly my issue, i cannot force remove. (see my piont above)