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Gen10 Monitoring with SCOM

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Gen10 Monitoring with SCOM


We are currently using the HP Device Monitor Service for Agentless Server (Linux) software solution to monitor Gen8 / Gen9. For Windows Server, we use HP's WBEM Providers / System Management Agents.

With Gen10 Server, HPE no longer supports this solution. Here, as far as we know, OneView must be used.
Now we have found that the MPs for SCOM from HPE Oneview contain only rules, but no monitors.

However, our hardware monitoring is completely based on SCOM monitors. There are still applications that rely on monitors.

Is there a solution from HPE as we can monitor hardwareserver using SCOM monitors?


Thank you.



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Re: Gen10 Monitoring with SCOM

Just setting up a new G10, and I'm wondering about that too....

anyone at HPE have an answer for this?