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Get current firmware version

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Get current firmware version

Using the REST API, what is the call to get the current firmware version?  I'm not sure if we are running 4.1 or 4.2?  I've been searching through the version 800 reference, but can't seem to find it.  Suggestions?

OK, just finished upgrading to 4.2.  Apparently version 800 corresponds to 4.1.  /rest/version now returns 1000.  That must correspond to 4.2.  I would suggest adding a more clear API to get the current firmware version running and not have to have a reference table to figure it out.  :)

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Re: Get current firmware version

Hi @BradV 

Use this API: 
GET /rest/appliance/nodeinfo/version
This will retrieve the major and minor version of the firmware on the appliance.
You will see something like the below:

"type": "NodeVersionDto4",
"uri": "/rest/appliance/nodeinfo/version",
"category": "appliance",
"eTag": null,
"created": null,
"modified": null,
"softwareVersion": "4.20.02-0384742",
"major": "4",
"minor": "20",
"revision": "02",
"build": "0384742",
"modelNumber": "HPE OneView VM - VMware vSphere",
"date": "2019-03-15T13:29:19+0000",
"platformType": "vm",
"serialNumber": "VMware-423ff74ed98ac04b-bf1112d5324a9fb5",
"uuid": "7de98aa4-dc72-43bf-b433-1396962237e8",
"family": "HPE OneView VM",
"compatibility": "4.20"

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Re: Get current firmware version

Great!  Thanks!  :)