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Global Dashboard Groups

Hi all,
I have some questions regarding the groups in Global Dashboard. I want to group all our servers in OVGD along the responsibility of the teams (Windows / Linux / ESX / etc.). It`s very complicated to do this with ~1500 servers, because there`s no way to add more than one resource to a group, or is it? And there`s no way to monitor if all servers grouped in the right way, e.g. a report "server -> groups" or filter to "no group" or something like that.
Or why OVGD cannot take over the scope and / or label setting from OneView? That would be the smartest solution in my opinion.

Thank in advance for reply
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Re: Global Dashboard Groups


has anyone an idea how to handle the Global Dashboard Groups in an easy way? Is there no way to take over the settings from OneView?


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Re: Global Dashboard Groups

Global Dashboard provides read-only reporting of OneView managed resources and other resources it monitors. Global Dashboard does not provide active control of OneView managed resources.

The OneView API may be used to programmatically make changes of OneView managed resources. The PowerShell library simplifies use of that API.

You may assign multiple resources to a group from the resource page at the same time from resource pages:

  1. Select the resource type you want to add from the left navigation menu. This can be helped by using the search bar.
    (In my example I have a few Synergy servers along with a very large pool of simulated C7000 servers and I'm creating a group of those physical Synergy servers)
  2. Click the gear icon to open the Actions pane.
  3. Select one or more resources from the list.
  4. Click Group Assignment in the Actions pane.
  5. If the group exists, select Add to an existing group, select a group in the Group list, and then click OK. To create a new group, select Add to new group, specify a name for the new group, and then click Create.

(screenshot attached)

Use groups via the global filter. The global filter enables you to limit Global Dashboard to show only the resources assigned to a specific group and optionally its subgroup:

  1. If the left navigation menu is not open, click the product icon to open it.
  2. At the top of the left navigation menu, click the global filter icon (funnel).
  3. Click + Filter and select a group.
  4. If the group you select has one or more subgroups and you want to restrict the filter to a subgroup, click + Filter and select a subgroup.

(content leveraged from user guide)