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GlobalDashboard search issues

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GlobalDashboard search issues

Hello everybody!

I like the idea of ​​the OV and GD product and really appreciate your work, but there are flaws that nullify the entire user experience. I mean the "convenience" of searching and sorting data in the Dashboard applince OneView applince.
I need to add only the DL 380 Gen8 servers to the new "Group". I think, this way i can see in "Server Firmware Details" report data relevance only to DL380 Gen8 hardware. Ok, I'm writing in the search line " model: "Prolian DL380 Gen8" ". As a result, I get list of 650 different DL380, but all possible generations. Ok, I think I'll sort it out, and I'll select DL Gen 8 all at once. They will be a contract, and a group selection will solve the problem.
No, there is no sorting, just like group selection too.

This is cruel in relation to the user. I understand that all this can be done in the POSH-HPOneView. But why then was to do a search string, if it does not work at all?

Version 1.40.01-0329917 Released 2018-01-23



Re: GlobalDashboard search issues

search for "Proliant DL380 Gen8".  remove the model prefix, and it will find what you are expecting.

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