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Guidance / advice : OneView 2.0 with multiple sites / datacenters

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Guidance / advice : OneView 2.0 with multiple sites / datacenters

We currently have two datacenters in different geographic regions, and are deploying a new OneView 2.0 environment to manage our blade enclosures.  

Does HPE (or anyone) have recommendations for deployment of OneView to support multiple datacenters?  The deployment guide is silent regarding multiple sites, and other forum posts indicate that federation is not (yet) possible with OneView -- which leads me to believe that we have two choices:

1) Deploy OneView at each site, and manage them independently.  Sort of a "TwoView" when you think about it.

2) Deploy OneView at one site, and manage both datacenters from the single appliance. How well this would work with firmware updates, monitoring, etc. is obviously dependent on the network bandwidth and latency between the two datacenters.

Does anyone have experience with the above, and may be willing to share pros/cons ?  Note also that we are hoping to use the vCenter integration of OneView, and we are running enhanced linked mode vCenter servers across our datacenters -- so VMware is providing a "single pane" management already.  


Re: Guidance / advice : OneView 2.0 with multiple sites / datacenters

We recommend deploying a local appliance to your Data Center(s).  This minimizes the impact latency and throughput will have during Server Profile deployments, which would include Firmware management.  We annoucned the HPE OneView Global Dashboard along with OneView 3.0 back in June.  The Global Dashboard (GD) will aggregate your view of up to 10 management appliances.  The GD will be released when 3.0 is GA.  I can't discuss in a public forum the release date, as we do not have one to publically share at this time.  But the GD will support 1.20 and newer, with 2.0 and 3.0 providing Single-Signon support from teh GD to the OneView appliance.

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Re: Guidance / advice : OneView 2.0 with multiple sites / datacenters

Are there any updates for OneView for vCenter adding support for linked-mode vcenters?