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HP OneView & C7000 IP Address Change

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HP OneView & C7000 IP Address Change

Hi All

I'm in the process of migrating my OneView development environment to a new IP subetnet.  Changing the IP address of the OneView server was dead straight forward.  Equally, changing the IP address of the c7000 device/interconnect bays was straight forward enough.

I was expecting to simply Refresh the Enclosure in OneView and enter the updated IP address for the enclosure...  or so I thought.

When I execute the refresh I get the message...

OneView no longer has management access to the enclosure due to a change in onboard administrator management settings. Enter credentials for the onboard administrator so that management access to the enclosure can be reestablished.

So I enter the OA IP address, User name and Password when prompted.  After 4 minutes the task fails with the message.  

Encountered problem retrieving management information from the Onboard Administrator.

Most of that time, the task shows the status of Verifying parameters.

I even tried entering the incorrect password for that user and the task fails immedaiately with the message...

The supplied user name and/or password is not valid for the specified Onboard Administrator.

So I assume that I'm connecting to the OA, otherwise my failed credentials wouldn't report back correctly.

Anyway, I have tried some updates, taking the opportunity to upgrade to OneView 3.0 and OA firmware 4.60, and I still get the same problem.

Are there any more detailed logs I can query as the task proceeds?


Desmond Klumpkens
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Re: HP OneView & C7000 IP Address Change

Is there any workaround/procedure for this problem? Having the same issues in OneView 3.0 after changing the OA IP address.

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Re: HP OneView & C7000 IP Address Change

I am seeing this with non c7000 systems too. Removed systems from OneView, changed iLOs to new names, moved DL 360 from one subnet to another and can no longer add the systems. I have others that are in OneView and working from the same subnet and I can access it with no issue, so I have no idea what the heck it is doing, all I get is the message I've attached. There's nothing between the devices that would be causing it to do this.


Re: HP OneView & C7000 IP Address Change

The only issue we had when we changed the IP addresses for a C7000 enclosure was DNS.  It gave us the "OneView no longer has management access to the enclosure..."  message, too.  After we fixed the DNS records for the enclosure, it refreshed with no issues.  We have OneView 2.00.08 and we're going to be upgrading to 3.00.07 very soon.