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HP Oneview failed upgrade

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HP Oneview failed upgrade


I am trying to upgrade HP Oneview to 4.1. from 4.00.10 (I tried from 4.00.09 initially) but the upgrade is failing.

The error message I am recieving is: "Update operation failed while upgrading database"

Downloading the support dump and going through the logs and I can see in one of the Postgres logs that it is failing due to duplicate ID's. One was along the lines of HPOneviewinstanceID. I have seen some other post on the internet with similar lookign problems

My knowledge of working with Postgress is rudimentry and whilst the logs showed flag what the duplicates are it did not show what the tables were.

I assume there is a simple fix/update to address the duplicate ID's.



Re: HP Oneview failed upgrade


It appears that more to work on OneView database level, hence please log a ticket with HPE support team with OneView support dump for further investigation.


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