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HP Open View Password Reset

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HP Open View Password Reset

Hello All... new to HP Forum.. hoping someone can help.. We use an old version of HP Openview in a couple data floors to monitor alarming on some data center equipment... On one of the Terminals -- that hasnt been used in a long time -- We are looking to again use this terminal for monitoring purposes... & the PASSWORD is No Longer Known by anyone on site.... Does ANYONE KNOW -- how to RESET a password on HP Openview when it is NOT KNOWN...??? 


Re: HP Open View Password Reset

This forum is for HPE OneView, not HP OpenView.  They are two completely different products.  If you are asking about HPE OneView, you will need to open a support case, as only HPE Support Level 2 can assist with resetting the Administrator account of an HPE OneView appliance.

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Re: HP Open View Password Reset

Is this Systems Management (OpenView-OP Mgmt) Practitioners Forum ??

This is the wrong forum (and in the future the wrong company) for software questions.