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HP SUM for linux - automatic update ?

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HP SUM for linux - automatic update ?

Hi all,

most of our servers are running RH 6.5 + SPP 2014.06. We are preparing upgrade process for both OS and HP SUM (jump to 2015.10). All the servers are under HP Oneview. We are going to update HP SUM in semi-automatic way (CLI) instead of using GUI (which would take as ages ...). Ideally sth like:

- given current number of rpms installed on particular server upgrade them to 2015.10

What would be the best recommendad way to achieve that ?


Re: HP SUM for linux - automatic update ?

HPSUM is not delivered as an RPM (or other Linux installation package).  So, if you have HPSUM 'installed' on your Linux systems, you could script updating the contents remotely.  There are many different ways to accomplish that.  However, if you are planning on using the Online Baseline capabilities of HPE OneView 2.0, the only component that is required in the Host OS is the HP Smart Update Tools (aka HPSUT). which is delivered as an RPM for RPM-based Linux distributions.

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