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HP oneview hardware monitoring

guy christiano
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HP oneview hardware monitoring

With HP SIM we have an email generated for hardware failures especially disk failures.  If we have standalone servers in monitor mode in a oneview 4.X appliance how do I see hardware failures and can they be set up as email alerts?

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Re: HP oneview hardware monitoring

I've received emails for hardware failures using Remote Support built into OneView. I have not used it extensively though.

From the OneView FAQ:


Does HPE OneView replace the need for HPE Systems Insight Manager, HPE Insight Control, and HPE Virtual
Connect Enterprise Manager?
Yes, managing HPE servers with HPE OneView is
intended to replace the capabilities found in HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM),
HPE Insight Control, and HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM). You can evaluate when the best meets the needs for your business environment.
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Re: HP oneview hardware monitoring

I love how the guy says that it's "intended".  HP One View is no where near ready to supplant HP SIM as a monitoring tool.  There currently is no easy way to alleviate spurious alerts messages generated from One View and it will drive you crazy with unneeded alerting.  I would say right now that OneView is in it's infancy. 


Re: HP oneview hardware monitoring


All alerts will come into the main HPE OneView Activity feed.  They will also come onto the State Change Message Bus that you could subscribe to.  You can also view alerts for associated hardware by choosing the specific server and choose Activity from the drop down menu.

To be alerted via email on specific alerts choose to edit the notifications section in the settings screen.  Choose to add an alert email filter.  Then at the Alert Criteria section choose one of the options to specifiy the particular requirements.  Yes can choose different status and resource categories to be email to different recipents.  

Enabling Remote Support within OneView will also automatically log warranty support cases for you.


Re: HP oneview hardware monitoring

Any change on this to easily enable hardware alerts via email in oneview? What is the specific filter i need to use if its possible?