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HPE DEV - Hack Shack - Workshops-On-Demand - HPE OneView

fred Passeron

HPE DEV - Hack Shack - Workshops-On-Demand - HPE OneView

Hi all,

For your information, the HPE DEV Team has put online a serie of Workshops. They are available on demand for free and will allow you to go through a unique, interactive learning experience that will help you become more familiar with HPE and open source software technologies. Among these different workshops, two are focussed on HPE OneView:

Introduction to the HPE OneView REST API HPE OneView - PowerShell Advanced Scripting

there are availble in our virtual Hack Shack here.

Browse the list and register to one ! give it a try, it's there,  it's free!

All Workshops are backed up with videos for support and a dedicated slack channel is also available here



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Re: HPE DEV - Hack Shack - Workshops-On-Demand - HPE OneView

Hello @fred Passeron ,

Thank you for sharing such a knowledgeable article with us.

I m sure that our customers would be glad to know this 



Ramya H

I work for HPE

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