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HPE Management Packs for SCOM и HPE OneView

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HPE Management Packs for SCOM и HPE OneView

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У меня такой вопрос-опрос:

Чем отличаются HPE Management Packs for SCOM и HPE OneView, в плане возможностей, а так же, можно ли обойтись только MP для SCOM, так как у нас внедрен только SCOM. В целом нам требуется мониторинг железа серверов HP.



I have a question about monitoring HPE hardware:

What differences between HPE Management Packs for SCOM and HPE OneView? Is it enough HPE MP for SCOM to monitoring HPE Hardware? Or in HPE OneView is so important for monitoring, that u can't handle without it?


Re: HPE Management Packs for SCOM и HPE OneView


Gen10 servers are only supported with the HPE OneView Management Pack, and must be managed by HPE OneView in order to get health monitoring and alerting in SCOM.

The management pack supports whatever level of licensing is used with HPE OneView, it supports devices with either HPE OneView Standard or Advanced licenses for general hardware health monitoring and alerting..  Some features (e.g. Server Profile Templates) require HPE OneView Advanced licenses.

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Re: HPE Management Packs for SCOM и HPE OneView

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HPE is not investing on the Management packs for SCOM anymore. Going forward we recommend Oneview for SCOM be used. It is easlier to setup and can be seamlessly intergrated with the SCOM console. Please refer to the below link





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