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HPE OneView 4.1 Custom Reports

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HPE OneView 4.1 Custom Reports

Been looking through the forums and unable to find a solution. So basically, just need to pull a report of the list of device names with warranty information. Am I correct in saying that is not something that is avaible yet? Still a bit green with Restful API;s but just wanted to ask maybe someone could point me in the right direction.




Re: HPE OneView 4.1 Custom Reports

Hi Javier,


As far as I know, on oneview dashboard you have an option called reports, you can download the server inventory where it gives all the information about server and the product details. which you can download and save it.

For the warrnty information, you need to have HPE OneView Remote Support  to get the details.

Below information captured from Oneview quick specs.

HPE OneView Remote Support also provides contract & warranty information per device, and weekly alerts, with a downloadable CSV file listing any devices that have expired or are within 90, 60 or 30 days of expiry.

For more information you can refer Quick specs document provided below.







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Re: HPE OneView 4.1 Custom Reports

OneView Global Dashboard has reports for Warranties and Contracts and Remote Support Service Events. I've attached a quick screen shot of the summary status portion of the Warranties and Contracts report along with that one resource selected of less than 30 days which is about to momentarily expire from support.2018-10-01 16_39_14.png





Re: HPE OneView 4.1 Custom Reports

Thank you