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HPE OneView ILO Remote Managemten of server (by using Dyn-DNS)

Occasional Advisor

HPE OneView ILO Remote Managemten of server (by using Dyn-DNS)

I remote connect to a site with HPE OneView running with a Dyn-DNS (changing public IP) and tried to remote connect to the servers running in this environment. Did not success to manage server operatingsystems from far in this way. I am wondering if I can figure out here any help if it should be possible to use Java Remote console for managing those operating systems on those servers connectes via ILO ports to the HPE OneView VM with local public IP by DHCP? Any hints?

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: HPE OneView ILO Remote Managemten of server (by using Dyn-DNS)

I'm not sure I follow what you are trying to do.  Are you asking if OneView can support Dynamic DNS and DHCP for its management interface?  Or, are you asking if the iLO's that you want HPE OneView to manage/monitor can be added using the Dynamic DNS FQDN of the iLO?  If latter, I don't see how that would not work, as long as the supplied DNS servers on the appliance configuration can resolve the FQDN of the iLO's.  Now, please keep in mind that supporting management features of systems by a remote HPE OneView instance isn't supported today.

HPE OneView must have a Static IPv4 address assigned to it.  DNS for the appliance itself is not required.