HPE OneView

HPE OneView License Cost


HPE OneView License Cost

The HPE OneView management appliance controls licenses. The same management appliance can be used for both HPE OneView Advanced licenses and for HPE OneView Standard. This choice is made by the user when they initially add their system to the HPE OneView management appliance.
HPE OneView Advanced

Provides full-featured licenses which can be purchased for managing Gen8, Gen9, Gen10 and Gen10 Plus servers. All HPE OneView Advanced versions are licensed ‘per physical server.’ These licenses include three years of 24x7 Technical Support and

Updates (TS&U) with web-based training (WBT) to build basic product proficiency. Trial versions of HPE OneView Advanced can be used for 60-days without charge.
• There are two types of HPE OneView licenses:
– HPE OneView with iLO Advanced
– HPE OneView without iLO Advanced
• HPE OneView Standard can be used for inventory, health monitoring, alerting, and reporting without additional fees. HPE OneView Standard can monitor Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 servers. The user interface is similar to the HPE OneView Advanced version, but the software-defined functionality is not available. Once deployed, both storage and servers are monitored in HPE OneView, and the storage topology is viewable in MapView. It doesn’t include Support and Updates. An annual 9x5 Support and Updates offering is available for additional fee with SKU K6F98AAE.
• The HPE OneView management appliance controls the licenses, and it can be obtained in two ways:
– Software download Virtual Machine Appliance (VMA) from HPE Software Depot
– Purchase of the HPE OneView Media Kit (contains a USB flash drive)
Please note that the HPE OneView licenses after applied to server(s) are not transferrable.
HPE OneView Advanced management software can be used for 60 days without charge. This is a trial period, and after 60 days, customers must apply HPE OneView licenses.

HPE OneView - Option Parts



  1. Licenses ship without media. The HPE OneView Media Kit can be ordered separately or can be downloaded.

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Electronic and Flexible-Quantity licenses can be used to purchase multiple licenses with a single activation key.

Tracking licenses may only be purchased by users that have implemented an Activation Key Agreement (AKA) with HPE (E5Y36A , P8B25A , E5Y44A , F6Q90A).

  1. Full licenses of HPE OneView Advanced also provide the right-to-use HPE Insight Control without additional charge.
  2. For use in environments where iLO Advanced, Insight Control or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) is already licensed. Upgrades do not include iLO Advanced licenses.

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