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HPE OneView Remote Support Question

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HPE OneView Remote Support Question

Not sure if this was already asked or not, I couldn’t find anything on it, but my question is this:

Is there anyway of adding multi site information (addresses) similar to what Insight Remote Support has? Since for us we have servers at many different locations and if we want to start using the Remote Support option of OneView, we would need that feature, if not we will just keep using Insight remote Support for the Remote Support option.

If this is not an option, I really hope they are considering adding it at some point because that would make it this product so much better in my opinion.

I appreciate the feedback.


Re: OneView Remote Support Question

Yes, you would place the server resources that reside in different locations into their own Data Center within OneView.  Each Data Center would contain its own OneView Remote Support location (i.e. address).  To do this:

  1. Create a new Data Center under Facilities.
  2. Once created, select the new data center you just created in the inventory list, select Actions, then Edit Remote Support Settings.
  3. Supply the data center physical address.
  4. Place resources into racks, and place these racks into the new data center.  They will now inherit that location.

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Re: OneView Remote Support Question

Thank you very much.