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HPE OneView prerequisites

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HPE OneView prerequisites

Hi all,

I want to deploy OneView appliance in my organisation. I downloaded the appliance for Hyper-V.

I noticed that the VM has a24 GB memory demand and 256 GB of VHD. Our organisation is small about 15 servers in total most with Microsoft OS. Do I really need all that for my environment ot could I settle for 8 GB ram and 80 GB vhd?

Thanks, Rahamim.


Re: HPE OneView prerequisites

Unfortunately, the appliance minimum requirements have been set and defined based on wide disparities of customer envrionment configurations.  You cannot shrink the disk capacity size as that will cause major issues with the underlying filesystems.  8GB of RAM is simply too low for our appliance.  24GB is really needed for larger customers.  You could configure it with 16GB of RAM.

However, do know that if you run into performance problems and want to then open a support case, you may be asked to increase the vCPU and/or vRAM allcation to what is documented.

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Re: HPE OneView prerequisites

We have a smaller environment and we're using OneView for monitoring only (no management).  It's been running fine with 2x vCPU and 20GB RAM.  The virtual disk is 275GB but ours is thinly provisioned and the actual disk usage is about 100GB.